22 July, 2014

14 July, 2014

Au Revoir Simone - Shadows (Jens Lekman Remix)

Back from Disneyland and Universal Studios.....must rest...lol.

27 April, 2014

Joanna Newsom - Emily

all the neat songs seem to have the universe as the image...lol. I didn't think about that until I was looking at the songs on my blog...lol.

Joanna Newsom - Peach Plum Pear

07 April, 2014

Links to original work available online...when possible


Mister Lies - False Astronomy (Official Video)

More dentist appointments. Starting to feel like a punching bag....lol. Keeping my painting on the down low and a bit secret for a while. So If your needing a Terra's Art fix...lol.....www.thebarncastlerock.com. And if you need it shipped they'll contact me to do it.   Thanks again for all the wonderful support. Without my collectors....I wouldn't be able to do it. <3

19 March, 2014

10 February, 2014

I'm having a hard time downloading pictures on my blog....lovely google. NOT. Same way I have for a long time...now not working. I might have to completely redo this blog. I think it's about time anyway.... I can still put music on here, but not my artwork. I have hung more at www.thebarncastlerock.com. I sold most of my pieces. The wall was looking a bit bare...I love that little town and all the unique shops. The Barn...is one of my favorite places to go decompress. So it made sense to start putting my artwork there....It's SooooO me. You can also friend me on facecrack, link is on the right. Or "google me" to see the other places I like to hang out with other artists. Thank you again for all the support. It's been crazy good lately. Very grateful..... I haven't been listing online lately. And I've gotten a few complains. I'm sorry about this. I seem to be having a hard time keeping up with the demand...lol. I've been showing pictures...then I get messages on wanting to purchase. And then we agree on a price and I send them a link from paypal to purchase. I can't even get them on Etsy...lol. Or ebay.... but I'm trying....