17 November, 2011

Stir crazy

I'm tellin' you...all I want to do is GET BETTER quickly...and go back to work. My doctor's appt for a cast or boot or whatever is tomorrow. And It should have been on Tuesday..but Husband couldn't take me then. Because of his work schedule.

 I am totally crawling out off my skin. My operation was last thursday on my leg. And I want to see it, find out more about it....and this wrap on my leg is starting to get loose, which is painfull. Because I now have metal attached to my bone...with screws..And the bruises I have...looks like I went through a war. At least the part I can see. The back of my knee...where it creases is a solid black line....its a bruise. They went in the back of my knee and put a nerve block in, below my knee and down. To help me with the pain for 24 hrs...and I'm sure so maybe I wouldnt feel it during surgery. Because for about four or five nights after the surgery...(and before)I would move or my leg would jerk in sleep..and I would wake up crying and yelling. I can feel it in there. And the staples they put in are itching so bad...rubbing against the wrap now that its kind of loose.

 Oh God...and to take a decent shower....that would be Heaven. I feel totally gross.

My husband and daughter were scheduled to go to Arizona next week for thanksgiving, while I worked. My husband have been throwing a fit and saying he is going to Arizona anyways...that I could go with them or stay at home.

For one...I have no food here. And what if I feel? What if my crutches got snagged somewhere in the street...while trying to get my own groceries...and I feel. I wouldnt have anyone to call to help me. No family in Colorado. And I would be stuck upstairs, unless I scooted my butt up and down the two flights of stairs. UM NO.

 And my wolfdog...how am I suppost to really take care of her? I guess I could drop her food in a big bowl on the floor.

Cant really carry stuff while on crutches. Like soup or food. I have been sliding the food from counter to counter..to nuke it and stuff. And I have a chair where I sit and eat in the kitchen. Husband yelled about that. I told him to leave it, somewhere in the kitchen where I can sit and eat or wait for the stuff being cooked.

 I wonder if I can find cast bags for the shower somewhere on the net...if not..someone should invent them. Dont think freezer bags would be big anough..

 I stopped taking my pain meds about a day ago..they where making me sick, and the pain is much...much lower now. Before it was beyond comperhention.

 I remember coming out of my surgery and the doctor said that they had to put a longer plate in because the break was longer than they thought. So Im dying to see how long the cut was. I went under about 3:00pm and came to around 5:45. They said it would take about 40 minutes...But maybe most of it was recovery time. Id also like to see a new xray of the plate in my leg. Hopefully thats something that he'll do, or i'll ask for one....So tomorrow at 11!! Wish me luck...cause I need a hole heap full...lol.