13 December, 2012

I'll be back after Christmas!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New year! I've been toO busy...No days off. Not that I'm not greatful. Just won't have time to do art until after the Holidays.... Love those 15 hour days... I'll have some really different peices coming up. I have some more "mom and pop" galleries that I'll be in. SooOOo excited. I like to do completely different styles in each one. I think that way I can still experiment. But I'll have to be more serious...eckkk. Quite a few pieces sold the last two months! YayyyyY! More art supplies! Thank you everyone who bought a piece or two. I'm very greatful. I started painting again....for the love of it. Now it just has wings of it's own. I'm trying to keep up. If I'm late on a few things.....I'm sorry. Lately my time is not my own. And I'm just trying to keep everything going....with many bumps along the way. But I'm learning...I can't do anymore requests or commissions for a while. I still need to upload some videos to "trodden path" soon too. Hopefully I can finish what I have soon. Thanks for all the emails....I'm turning off Facebook until after Christmas too...I don't have time. If you email me...I'll return after the Holidays to answer... Thank you!